Planes de Suscripción

Тариф “Базовый”


Для тех, кто только начинает и знакомится с сервисом
  • Неограниченное кол-во встреч в формате 1 на 1

  • Подключение Zoom, Google Meet и MS Teams

  • Подключение Google календаря

  • Сбор отзывов от клиентов на персональной странице после встречи

  • Добавление брендинга на персональную страницу

Тариф “Премиум”

699 ₽ / mes

Для тех, кто планирует использовать регулярно для проведения своих встреч

Premium Tier (includes all features of the "Basic" tier plus the following):

  • Group Meeting Creation: Effortlessly organize group events and sessions.
  • Customizable Landing Page Themes: Choose the right look and feel that matches your brand.
  • Review Management: Hide and manage client feedback after sessions.
  • Automated Email Notifications & Reminders: Never let your clients miss an appointment again.
  • WhatsApp & SMS Notifications: Real-time notifications delivered directly to your client's preferred communication channel.
  • Website Booking Widget: Integrate a seamless booking experience right on your website.
  • Post-booking Widget Redirection: Guide your clients to a designated page after they've made a booking.
  • Customizable Booking Page Link: Make your booking page stand out with a personalized URL.
  • Google Analytics Integration: Understand your booking traffic and get insights on user behavior.
  • Google Analytics Goals Tracking: Measure the success of your objectives and optimize accordingly.
  • Direct Support Line: Premium customer support, just a call away.
  • 1000 WhatsApp/SMS Credits: Reach out to your clients with 1000 free messages.
*Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram - запрещены на территории РФ