28 leden 2023
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Ntro vs Book Like A Boss
Moses Manumbu
Moses Manumbu

Regarding scheduling tools, there are many options on the market these days. So it basically comes down to the challenges you are trying to overcome. Depending on the nature of your business, these tools offer various features that can make your professional life easier while also expanding your audience reach. They can also keep your running costs down.

Here we have two excellent scheduling tools: and Book like a boss; whilst they are both brilliant, which one suits you better? is a tool designed for both online and offline appointments. It has a variety of features that cover the needs not only of an individual professional but also of an organization. It's a scheduling tool that works to expand your audience reach by offering both online and offline meeting options.

It steps out of the norm by pushing sales and having more than two virtual meeting conferences; it works to accommodate as many clients as possible. Furthermore, it employs features that have its clients looking much more professional to the audience they serve.

Book like a boss is a tool designed for individual professionals and in some ways, it can also incorporate teams. It has features that help one's image and branding and lets you integrate all your workplaces into one area.

Pros and cons of

Top 5 Pros.

  1. Increases appointment conversion rate through;

  • Accommodates both offline and online working areas. Online, through multiple virtual meeting areas including,

    • Skype

    • Zoom

    • Microsoft Teams

    • Google meets

  • Multiple reminders through;

    • Whatsapp

    • Sms

    • Emails

    • Google Calendar notifications

  • An overbooking feature that helps teams accommodate as many clients as possible.

  • Booking appointments outside of working hours is possible with this calendar organization system.

  1. A customizable landing page that makes you look professional through website integrations, and social media pages.

  2. Has Google calendar integrations

  3. API key

  4. Can be integrated into any CRM system.

Cons of

  1. No team management system

  2. Does not have financial management tools

  3. No customer loyalty programs 

  4. No marketing tools

Top 5 Pros of Book like a Boss

  1. Promotes personal branding and image

  2. Convenient for individual professionals

  3. Has Zapier integration

  4. Has multiple virtual meeting places

  5. Has marketing tools like Google Analytics.

Cons of Book like a Boss

  1. No free version

  2. No API key

  3. No overbooking feature

  4. No financial tools

Book like a Boss is in some ways similar to The difference is that will boost sales, by increasing your conversion rate. It's also more suitable for teams. Which makes a much better option than Book Like a Boss.